Interview with Private Energy Infrastructure Sales Lead Philip Chalko

//Interview with Private Energy Infrastructure Sales Lead Philip Chalko

Interview with Private Energy Infrastructure Sales Lead Philip Chalko

Philip Chalko is Ovida’s Sales Lead for Private Energy Infrastructure. Here Philip shares more about his role and background.

Tell us about your background and experiences
I started off my career as an electrical engineer working for a major German technology company where I focused on marketing and sales. After working in Melbourne, Germany and Perth I relocated back to my hometown of Melbourne to start with Ovida.

What is your role at Ovida?
I lead the sales for Private Energy Infrastructure for dedicated grid connection assets with renewable energy generators or large energy users. I essentially help customers reduce their Capex intensity on projects by providing a Build Own and Operate model for High Voltage assets and Transmission lines. We provide our customers with an end-to-end solution covering design, construction, maintenance, operation and asset replacement.

What are you most passionate about?
I love the outdoors. Because of this, I am very keen on sustainability and love the fact that I can take part in renewable projects in my day-to-day job.

How can Ovida play a part in helping wind, solar farms and large C&I energy users connect to the grid?
Ovida has electricity Transmission and Distribution in its DNA. We have the experience in owning and operating a broad range of assets and can bring innovation and value to renewable projects. We understand that every business customer has very different energy requirements so we work individually with our customers to ensure that they get the outcomes that they need, while removing any unnecessary costs.

What types of projects or companies does Ovida work with?
In the renewables space, Ovida is mainly focused on utility-scale solar, wind and hydro projects with project capacities upwards of 20MW. For large energy users, we generally work with Commercial & Industrial customers with load requirements in excess of 15MW but are also interested in working with customers that have or are looking to develop, own and operate their own electrical infrastructure. Large energy users can include data centres, hospitals, mining, manufacturing, airports etc.

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