The Energy Charter – Putting Customers First

//The Energy Charter – Putting Customers First

The Energy Charter – Putting Customers First

In late January 2019, Ovida, along with other members of the energy industry signed on to the Energy Charter.

The Energy Charter encourages Australian energy companies, like Ovida, to place their customers at the heart of their work. The Charter was signed by over 20 industry members, and we are proud to be a founding member.

Since its establishment, Ovida has been focussed on ensuring its product offering is developed in concert with our customers and in-line with the Energy Charter.

So what are we doing?

We know many people and businesses are doing it tough. Australians face rising energy prices, policy uncertainty, questions over energy supply, reliability, and sustainability. For our part we believe our product offering provides solutions to many of the problems which currently lie before us.

For instance, our Community Energy Hubs microgrid trial – which is currently in the design phase – will focus on providing commercial and residential tenants, who traditionally can’t access solar power, with an affordable, renewable, and flexible solution. As part of the trial, Ovida will cover the up-front costs associated with installing a solar system and will own and operate the community microgrid. Our trial will not only help to lower household energy bills, but gives people who traditionally can’t access solar power the chance to use renewable technology to power their homes/businesses.

Our Community Energy Hubs microgrid trial is underpinned by the Energy Charter’s principles. These principles focus on:

  • placing customers at the centre of our business and the energy system,
  • improving energy affordability for customers,
  • providing energy reliably, safely and sustainably,
  • improving the customer experience, and
  • supporting vulnerable customers.

As guideposts, I believe the principles provide a meaningful way of encouraging greater customer-centricity which will ultimately lead to better energy solutions for Australians at this crucial time in our energy transformation.

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